Zombiewood: Survival Shooter Nintendo Switch Review

Zombiewood: Survival Shooter Nintendo Switch Review

Lights, Camera, and Action! Your a stunt man that answers the call for a movie or two to be filmed. You jumped at the occasion and are given the details of the role. You must destroy a horde of zombies, break a prop or two, and more. The star of the film is yours if you can accomplish those goals and have a little fun a well.

We were able to get a review code for Zombiewood: Survival Shooter for our Nintendo Switch. The download was pretty quick and the gameplay was pretty sweet. The controls were pretty simple to learn for Zombiewood on my Switch. I enjoyed the killing the zombies throughout each level. The weapons were pretty cool as you can have dual guns while blasting away at the zombies. The weapon cache that happens around the levels are pretty cool as you can get missiles and more. A fun game that will keep you on your toes!

Our Thoughts


  • Shooting zombies
    • The shooting of zombies has to my favorite part of the game. I would be moving around blasting away zombies, big or small, in the game. There is one zombie I enjoy killing is where that zombie blows up and blood and  guts end up everywhere. Pretty wild!
  • Star of the show
    • Your the star of the show and must complete those goals to get to the next level. While shooting the zombies, I’m moving around the levels to look for that hidden reels and achieving your goals list.
  • Weapons
    • I enjoyed the guns I had and even getting to use them as a dual concept. I really enjoyed finding additional weapons in each level such as Missiles where they blast away at the zombies.



Rating: 9 out of 10

Buy Zombiewood: Survival Shooter here: https://www.nintendo.com/us/store/products/zombiewood-survival-shooter-switch/