WWE Release Bray Wyatt and Where Does he go from here?

As the Editor in Chief for Drop The Spotlight, we pride ourselves on showcasing the latest news and reviews for Fandom, Video Games/Tech, and Entertainment. I’m a huge wrestling fan to my heart and have done so in the past with my own Mark Wrestling Podcast that I haven’t kept in touch with as I’m very busy.

Bray Wyatt was released from WWE today! This hit me hard as this guy turned literal shit into gold. He took various characters and put his own special touch where fans enjoyed cheering or booing including Husky Harris. I’m still a fan of that character. So with WWE’s inability to create constant storylines for their wrestlers, many fans are left to predictable stories. Bray was one of those that had originality while WWE were trying to label him as next “Undertaker” character. So here are my thoughts on where he should go next.

Here are my opinions

Where does he go?



Many fans are drooling to the aspect for having Bray enter the world of AEW. Many wrestlers are enjoying the creative freedom that comes with the territory with AEW. This could spawn a new character that would blindside the wrestling community and to a new era. Imagine the matches Bray could have as a new character against Darby, Kenny, and more. Possibly be a shadow and draw out Matt Hardy’s former personality and have a special delete match? Wonderful!


Impact wrestling has been very solid with their content recently! They were given new life with the ability to create constant storylines that hooked fans to continue to watch. Plus, they are the fork in the road that holds the keys to many forbidden doors. I would love to see Bray be the one that eventually beats Kenny Omega for the Impact title and lead a new era.



I think any character that he uses in New Japan would be idolized by the fans. I do get nervous he maybe slumped up with Bullet Club to keep that “foreign invasion” storyline going but I think he could excel as a character there.


Having Bray as the creative mindset in ROH would be huge! He can not only wrestle with a character, but I feel he can help shape other young wrestlers characters with his insight. I think it would limit him though for visibility as ROH isn’t shown on TV much.

Click Bait

Bray is released by WWE to create controversy and get people talking about WWE. He returns a few weeks later either as the character Bray or something different at a PPV. This ruse is used to stop the storyline with Alexa Bliss and create possibly new characters for them both. I know this wouldn’t be real but knowing WWE and trying to gain headlines, they could do this.

Either way, any wrestling organization would gain a tremendous asset to their company for Windham Rotunda. He could be a positive impact for other wrestler’s characters with his insight as well. He would also showcase some new creative ideas for an unknown character we haven’t seen yet. I will be waiting and watching to see where he ends up.

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