WWE 2K Battle Grounds Xbox One Review with Link

WWE 2K Battle Grounds Xbox One Review with Link

WWE 2K Battle Grounds is a fun new inventive way to play a WWE game. I have been playing WWE 2K games for many years and this new one takes a step away from what we have traditionally seen in a WWE game. You are introduced to a new way on how to visualize not only a sports game but a game where it may create a trend throughout all gaming.

You start off as Bolo Reynolds that has been recruited by Paul Heyman and Steve Austin. They have started a wrestling Battle grounds as another brand for WWE. Bolo will face WWE established stars in order to build himself up as a legit WWE wrestler. Once completed, your character will make it to WWE main brand.

Once done, you will be introduced to various other characters that are discovered by Paul Heyman and Steve Austin. Those wrestlers will go through the same things as Bolo did in order to prove himself during Battle Grounds. This is for the campaign mode which I have been playing in order to unlock characters, settings and much more.

Here is our review for WWE 2K Battlegrounds: 


  • Story
    • They have taken elements of the GM mode and Career mode and built a new way to look at a wrestlers career for the story. You break the 3rd wall throughout the game where Vince Mcmahon is even questioning whether Battleground wrestlers are doing better than his main roster. This game has it all which I find fascinating as well as addicting.
  • Gameplay
    • The fighting and game play reminds me of an old school arcade game. You have unbelievable moves throughout the game that is exaggerated but not too much. The controls are much better and easier to use than past WWE 2K games. I enjoyed how smooth the gameplay was for this game!
  • Venues
    • My god, that was something I didn’t think would be fun! Like in one of the wrestler’s Battle ground, you can throw a wrestler into an alligator and get torn up! It is hilarious yet fun! They made it fun to participate in arena matches for fans in the game.

Cons: None

Rating: 10/10

As a wrestling and sports fan, I haven’t had this much fun in a game in many years. The out of the box thinking of rebuilding a 2K type game into something unique and different is amazing. I would never thought so much new creative ways to use a WWE wrestler is featured in this game. I have no more words to explain this game, scroll down and get this game ASAP. You will enjoy a fun new take at a WWE game where your imagination will be explored and justified.

Buy WWE 2K Battle Grounds here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/wwe-2k-battlegrounds/9plghh2vnrlx

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