Wondershare Filmora 13.5 Unveils Upgraded AI Toolkit for Creators
Wondershare Filmora 13.5 Unveils Upgraded AI Toolkit for Creators

Wondershare Filmora 13.5 Unveils Upgraded AI Toolkit for Creators

VANCOUVER, BCJune 22, 2024 /CNW/ — Wondershare has announced the latest update to its industry-leading video editing software, Filmora 13.5. This version introduces upgraded features designed to augment editors’ creativity and improve efficiency while delivering high-quality professional content.

Filmora 13.5 enhances its text capabilities by introducing a new Curved Text feature, providing users unparalleled control over titles, captions, and subtitles. This update also expands Filmora’s AI-powered toolset, complementing its existing content generation features with two notable additions: a new AI Sticker Generator and Voice Cloning for the AI Text-To-Speech feature. These improvements further cement Filmora’s position as a versatile video editing platform, catering to the evolving needs of today’s creators.


Filmora 13.5 enhances its AI Text-To-Speech tool, now featuring advanced voice replication technology. This innovative feature supports 16 languages, breaking the language barrier with a comprehensive range of linguistic options. Within 30 seconds, users can instantly clone and generate a similar voice that replicates speaking speed, intonation, and accent.

The standout AI Sticker Generator expands Filmora’s extensive asset generation capabilities, giving users even more creative choices. Users can input text prompts, select a style, and generate unique stickers that can be applied directly to the timeline or exported independently. This feature expands Filmora’s asset pool, meeting niche demands and offering creators a comprehensive range of top-tier resources.

Filmora 13.5 also introduces a Curved Text feature, opening new possibilities for creating eye-catching visual effects. This tool is perfect for social media videos, educational content, creative projects, and advertising production. It grants editors unparalleled control over editing text that captures viewers’ attention and improves engagement.

These new features cater to a diverse audience, including content creators, freelancers, marketers, influencers, small business owners, and beginners eager to learn video editing. By simplifying complex editing tasks and providing innovative tools, Filmora 13.5 enables users to produce high-quality, professional-looking content more efficiently. Filmora 13.5 continues Wondershare’s commitment to making cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone, integrating innovative AI functions with an intuitive user interface to empower creators to bring their visions to life.

About Filmora

Filmora is designed with its user in mind, featuring smoother performance and an intuitive user interface. With advanced AI functions, over 220,000 creative assets, commercially available music, 3D LUTs, effects, and pre-set templates, you have everything you need to perfect your creative vision. Filmora is available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. To try it for free, visit filmora.wondershare.com. Follow Wondershare Filmora on YouTubeTikTokInstagram, and Facebook to learn more.

About Wondershare

As a renowned global leader in creativity and productivity solutions, Wondershare is dedicated to making cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone, fostering increased efficiency and creativity. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized through prestigious accolades from organizations like The Shorty Awards, G2, and GetApp. With a user base spanning over 100 million individuals across 150 countries, we offer diverse software solutions encompassing video editing, PDF manipulation, data recovery, diagram creation, graphic design, and more.


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