Wonder Con at Home 2021 Review

Wonder Con at Home 2021 Review

WonderCon at Home 2021 was this past Fri and Saturday of March 26 and 27 that gave fans a glimpse into the convention. With the convention going virtual, Wonder Con provided fans an interactive website to help them find panels, find swag, and much more. We saw many new shows announced throughout the convention and a few movies too! The excitement came as fans got to know more of WonderCon which is owned by Comic Con International or known as San Diego Comic Con to us fans.

We were chosen as OFFICIAL press and media for the convention and were able to participate in panels, interviews and much more. We were very excited to be part of WonderCon at Home 2021 and check out what the con can offer. We understand this convention is virtual and doesn’t fully represent the huge one in Anaheim. Yet, we enjoyed ourselves at the virtual con and here is our review of what we saw!

Here is our review:

We sat down with Kayden Phoenix to talk about her Latina Superhero Universe as well as the Ghost Brothers to talk of their new show on Discovery +.




  • Interactive Website
    • Once it was time, the webpage for WonderCon at home was available for all to check out. The sleek new design had links to click for the schedule of events, virtual booths, place to print out your badge and much more. I enjoyed this new sleek look as it was a big time improvement from Comic Con at Home 2020 web page. This new page made it easier to find panels as well as virtual booths to buy some collectible items.
  • New Shows and movies Announced
    • Many new shows and movies were announced during the panels…actually the panels were basically the announcement and information for new shows. We watched panels for Discovery + new show Ghost Brothers: Lights Out, Hulu and Marvel new show M.O.D.O.K., Amazon Prime Video new show Them and many more. The panels were good as they gave a sufficient amount of information for the new shows and movies. I am excited to check out the shows once they are live.
  • Panels
    • We were able to discover some new comics and knowledge through the panels offered during WonderCon at Home. We were able to learn more about what Todd Mcfarlane is doing with is new line of toys as well as the new Latina Superhero universe from Kayden Phoenix. We enjoyed learning a lot of the Latino/Latina heritage Kayden Phoenix showcased throughout her comics.



  • No live videos, Everything Pre-recorded
    • I enjoy watching a panel or two while its live, but I didn’t expect all panels to be pre recorded. Every link I had went to when it was time for the panel, was pre recorded. I clicked a panel at 2:15, took me a YouTube video and started from beginning of the panel instead of where it was suppose to be at. This to me felt very cheap and slap in the face for the fans. Yes of course, we want to be at a panel from beginning to end but the experience of making it there while not missing a bit is gone.
  • Not Enough Press from WonderCon
    • WonderCon at Home had a lot of surprises including announcements for new shows, movies, trailers and more. As a member of press, I heard very little. I understand PR companies that represent these companies create press releases that are sent out to the press for announcements. I was astonished that many didn’t as some of these shows from these networks are good and should be pushed out there to fans all around!

Rating: 7 out of 10