Wireless Lapel Microphone For Iphone and Android Review

Wireless Lapel Microphone For Iphone and Android Review

As an influencer, we have to find items that will provide easier ways to create content. At times, we need something that will give us the benefits of having a team around you when your alone doing content. After going through Amazon, we found these set of lapel mics that should make it easier to create content on Tiktok, Youtube or anywhere else.

We then bought the Wireless Lapel Microphone for Iphone and Android and decided to do a review! What made this product much cooler is that this came with one IOS and one Android receiver with the wireless lapel mics! I am an avid IOS user but I know a friend that has a Android device we can try that out later on. I was pretty stoked to see this in the mail and decided to to try them out. At first, the lapel mic didn’t want to turn on but then I decided to charge the mic. After about 20 minutes, the microphone worked to perfection! So note to self, charge before using!

Our review:


  • Wireless Lapel
    • Anything wireless is worth wild! I enjoyed that I didn’t have 10 to 20 ft of random wire sticking everywhere around my area. I was able to move around my area while recording and talking to myself.
  • Plug and Play
    • I was able to plug this into my phone after I charged the mic and worked very well. I followed the directions from the book and it was easy peasy. I just had to charge it first before using it in order to get it to work.
  • Charge Phone While Plugged In
    • I saw this in the manual and I had to try it out! I was able to charge my phone through the receiver of the mic while recording my self. How Cool is that?!


  • Need to Charge before Use
    • I tried to use right out of the box but the microphone wouldn’t turn on. I decided to charge the microphone for 20 minutes and after that charge, low and behold it worked!

Rating: 9 out of 10

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