WHO’S JENNA..? movie Review

WHO’S JENNA..? is a funny romantic comedy set in New Jersey. I was able to see a screener of this film by 624 Productions and Indican Pictures, Directed by Thomas Baldinger. Within the first few minutes, I was laughing so hard. The two mother to be is telling the husbands as they’re leaving to go give birth. We time jump to the two babies as adults sitting at a bar making bets that the hot blonde will come and talk with Jonathan. This is where we start the quest to find out Who is Jenna. Andy loses the bet as Jenna comes and talk to Jonathan Andy being the porn freak he swears she is a pornstar. Starting the mission to find out if she is or not. Not knowing the ways everyone one lives will be tangled in the process. From jobs to love life’s and one’s moral compass. Jonathan work life is going to change in the process and will face some real over the top situations. That will cross Jonathan and Jenna very close to home. Overall this film had me laughing so hard. Look for it on April 24th on VOD, DVD.