Vikings Season 6 Series Finale Review

Vikings Season 6 Series Finale Review

Skol was shouted by others before they took a drink of ale! They ate food hungerly as they laughed and spoke of stories of their battles. They then told stories of the great Ragnar Lothbrok and the shield maiden Lagertha of what they have done in England, Paris, and in Kattegat. As the fire goes down, they sit around and discuss some new stories. Stories of what has happened to the sons of Ragnar and how the world changed all around them.

I was able to binge watch Vikings from Season 1 until now for Season 6 the final season. I am in shock on how beautifully written the show was and how immersive the character plots were shown. You feel like you know the characters like you know your own friend or family member. Season 6 gave you more insight of the history of battles the Vikings have had and how their world changed around them and their main characters.

Here is our review:


  • Final Battle
    • I have to start off with this because Alfred and Ivar’s feud was displayed as a chess game. They had to find the best way to win against each other. I felt Ivar wanted to really kill King Harald to be King of Kings. Either way, Ivar knew what needed to happen and was die on the field to go to Valhalla. The final battle was good, I enjoyed watching both leaders try to outsmart each other.
  • Death of Lagertha
    • This death hit me harder than Bjorn’s or Ragnar’s deaths in the series. I felt Lagertha was the true Queen of the Vikings and displayed the ferocity of the myths and legends of the Gods. I choked up after she killed White Hair and the other maidens were in astonishment. They never seen a shield maiden fight like that and they were in shock. You can feel the pride come out of for Lagertha as even the new generation of shield maidens never seen the power she possessed.
  • Similarities of Oleg and Ivar
    • When your watching Oleg and Ivar, you can see how they mesh up together. I feel Ivar saw himself as Oleg with wanting to be a real ruler and not a puppet. Ivar displayed so many mannerisms like Oleg such as killing a brother, torturing a brother, wanting to be king and more. I believe Ivar really changed here as he finally saw he was in real life and scared him big time.
  • Ubbe’s New Found Land
    • I think Ubbe was the only son of Ragnar that really wanted to find something new and exotic. He was able to find a land that I feel is the future United States of America. He was able to find Loki there while taking refugee by the local Native Americans. At the end, Ubbe and Floki sat on the sands of the beach just wondering about life. I saw this as the old way’s of Vikings like Floki was disappearing while Ubbe is leading the new way of Viking culture.
  • Bjorn Legacy
    • I honestly feel Bjorn is the most famous Viking ever with his story still being told to this day. Ragnar may have been first Viking to really get the world to notice him but Bjorn carried the legacy. The way Bjorn scared the Rus from attack by still going out there at the battle field even when earlier declared dead. Bjorn is truly the King of Kings for Norway and his story will carry on. The display to honor the life of Bjorn is just powerful yet amazing!



Rating: 10 out of 10

Vikings TV Show gave fans everywhere a glimpse of the world of being a Viking. They were travelers who raided for treasure and to be popular. They fought hard in battle in order to go to Valhalla and drink ale with Odin and Thor. The sons of Ragnar each took a different path from what they really wanted in life. Ubbe discovered a new land with a group of settlers while outrunning from a crazed man. Hvitserk stayed with King Alfred after the Final Battle and become a Christian. Bjorn died in battle against Oleg and the invading Rus army thus saving Kattegat. Ivar lost in battle to King Alfred during the Final Battle. The show Vikings gave us a just a tiny glimpse of the way of life for a Viking. Many had aspirations to do better for themselves and their name, while others, just wanted a simple life. The life they wanted wasn’t what they wanted but it gave the world around them a change that was needed.

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