USB Microphone Gaming Mic Review and Unboxing

USB Microphone Gaming Mic Review and Unboxing

I enjoy playing games on my laptop while streaming on Twitch! I noticed that my interaction with my fans on Twitch was getting hard as at times my voice would crackle like a loose connection or noise from the background would be in the way while gaming. I know I needed something to help quell this situation and so with proper research, I was able to find this USB Microphone Gaming Mic on Amazon!

Today, I was able to sit down and write a quick review on the USB Microphone Gaming Mic! I have to say if your a streamer or have a podcast, this will be ideal for you! Check out the Unboxing below and then after the review, click the link and get yourself your own mic!

Here is the review:


  • Good Sound Quality
    • When I started to record myself and check the different tones my voice can be in, I was shocked on how clear I came out. I would stand up and sit down while talking and the mic didn’t pick up my chair creaking from my weight. That is a good thing! The noise condenser is really good in this mic.
  • Portable Stand
    • The thing I’m digging hard is the the portable mic stand! As a person that travels, this will make it easier to bring my podcast to my viewers when I’m out of town. The stand is small and very adjustable which makes it easier for my team and I to have something to use when we travel.
  • Plug and Play
    • I was able to plug this mic in to my extra USB slot on my laptop and the mic worked just fine. The mic did have a connection for Type C and this worked as well! I may use Type C more as I do have other things that will be needed to be used on the USB side.



Rating: 9 out of 10

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