Undercover Punch & Gun Review

Undercover Punch & Gun is by co-directors Lui Koon Nam and Frankie Tam. Starring  Philip Ng, Van Ness Wu, and Andy On.  Is an action film about an undercover cop deep in a drug ring. He put in the head of the gang after the Big Boss is taken out in a wild drug buy gone wrong. He is also under the radar for being a cop. He is now faced with being the new Big boss and a whole new level of problems.

This film was a wild ride from the start action-packed and fast-paced and does not let off the gas. Full of amazing fight scenes and gunplay and not to forget some killer knife fighting. A true action film that will not let you down for a second. The story is a good one that catches you and makes you feel for each of the characters.

I give this film an 8.5 out of 10 for the pure action and fight scenes any fan of action films this is a must-watch.  So order some food get some drinks and get ready for a wild ride. Out now on the  Streaming Service Hi-YAH! and Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD June 8 with an all-new English dub from Well Go USA Entertainment.