Twist the Cap Off With Blessed Heem

As I sit down and think with a idea to dream, I think of what to do tomorrow. I dream of what I know tomorrow can be. I just need to be waiting for this…

The track called Waiting for this┬áby Blessed Heem is off the chain. I’m just listening to it over and over again and just envisioning my idea of what tomorrow can bring.

Blessed Heem has some good tracks I’ve been digging and another one of his I dig is El Guapo Bandito. A good song with a Latin flavor yet hip and goes to the bone.

The music Blessed Heem brings drives the rest off the road with some good killer beats and some lyrics that comes from the soul. The words on WALK UP ON IT is just speaking the truth about what is good with an idea and bringing it out tomorrow instead of the future.

Check out Blessed Heem SOUND CLOUD and TWITTER be introduced to his style of music and enjoy the lights and sounds that come with the music.