Truth or Dare Movie Review

Truth or Dare starts out with with a college girl in Mexico stopping at a little store she looks like she’s been though hell. She grabs some gum and ask for a pack of smokes. She starts saying no i don’t want to looking at the man in the counter. She runs off grabs a thing of lighter fluid and douses a women in it and throws a book of matches at her. Here we meet the main cast Olivia (Lucy Hale) trying to do good and spend her last spring break doing good. But her best friend has other plans and will not let her miss out on there last week of drunken partying go to waste. She pulls the best friend card and a sneaky move telling the habitat for humanity Olivia came down with shingles. With no other choice but join in on the week of partying and madness she all in. As with all spring breaker the go south of the border to Mexico. On the last night of spring break at a bar, Olivia stops her best friend from doing something stupid she goes and sit’s at the bar only for find a frat boy she can’t stand there he tries his hardest to hit on her. A guy sitting at the bar calls the frat bar out to leave her alone Olivia steps in before they come to blows. Carter and Olivia start to talk he asks her if he could have a shot at hitting on her or she can tell him to piss off. She gives him a shot as Markie Olivia’s best friend comes to her asking where is an all-night bar. Carter tells them of a place he knows. While the group wants to go back to the hotel room and drink Olivia pull the I didn’t want to come here card and make the group out with her and Carter. Not knowing they were walking into a trap. They get to his abandon church they see no bar one would think that would be a red flag right. They go in and the frat boy Ronnie follows them there. Olivia is exploring she starts to take some photo’s of random things when she comes across a makeshift altar with a broken clay pot she picks it up only find something in it with an awful smell she put’s it down. By this time the group is ready to bounce when Carter comes up the idea for a game of truth or dare. The game starts out with a few lame questions when Olivia is asked she pick’s truth  Tyson ask why is she in love with Markie boyfriend Tyler. Ending the game only to be told by Carter that there in the game till the end he look’s to Olivia and told her you should have told me to piss off and Carter runs off.

Disclosure: I have attended this movie free as part of the screening team, all opinions are honest and mine.

A few days have passed and the group is back to the real world and school when Olivia starts to see Truth or Dare in random places. Not thinking too much of it she goes on with her life when it starts to really mess with her. She goes to ask Markie if she is playing a joke on her but there not speaking after she was called out. Markie comes later on with a peace offering of drinks and they make there peace. Later that day Olivia is starting to see things and hear things as she walks in to the library she gets overwhelmed seeing and hearing the whole place ask truth or dare. She takes truth and she yell Markie cheats on her boyfriend only to see them there.  That night Ronnie is at a bar creeping on chicks when he goes up to one which blows him off  He doesn’t see it he see’s her ask him truth or dare. Here is one issue i had with this movie the Instagram style filter look they got when asked truth or dare. To me it came off a bit cheesy and looked odd. Ronnie takes the dare and is asked to show his junk on the pool table. Ronnie get on the table tells the bar what he is going to do when a girl yells out and makes fun of him. He backs out of the dare and goes into a trance and tries to fall on  a pool stick only to be stopped by some guys. He walk off the pool table stepping on the 8ball slipping off and breaking his neck. While it was all lived stream.

Now after seeing Ronnie death and Olivia outburst they start to piece it together. So now they each will have there turn they try to cheat and only take truth they didn’t know there were different rules to the game. They hear about a girl that burned the woman in Mexico the try to find her via Facebook. while trying not to die we get another of the group that fails there task. Sending his girlfriend straight to the bottle while they put her to sleep the woman responds to the message. Only to hear Penelope making noise up stairs they rush up to find her on the ledge of the roof with a bottle of vodka. She tells them she picked truth only to be told she had to pick dare.  This is where they find out there is no way to only pick truth. She completes her dare and the go to meet the women. There they find out that her friends started the game not know one of them went on a rampage breaking things. She calls him Sam Olivia asked about Carter she snaps and says yes Carter when she goes into the trances and tries to shoot Olivia as Penelope step in to save her she gets hit failing the dare to kill Olivia she turns the gun on herself and takes her life.

There is so much more to this film I will leave out over all this film was better than I expected. These college horror films are a dime a dozen. I will say the filter look when they were seeing was really lame to me. The typical demon story is getting over played. They worked it in well here of course there were plot holes and some things didn’t make sense. They made it work and it did hold my attention the whole film. I was happy they didn’t over use the jump scare like a lot of current horror film do.  Over all I did enjoy this film and was so happy it was not a waste of time. I say go check it out and see for yourself it is better than a ton of other horror films. I think the cast was great Lucy Hale did a great job.