True Detective: Night Country Season 4 Blu Ray Review

True Detective: Night Country Season 4 Blu Ray Review

Get on the case and catch up on all the clues from HBO’s riveting Emmy Award®-winning limited series, as Warner Bros Discovery Home Entertainment releases True Detective: Night Country on Digital now, and on Blu-ray & DVD July 9.  Fans and newcomers alike can binge on all 6 thrilling episodes from Season 4, while they search for answers and go behind the scenes with bonus content.

We were able to get a review copy of the fourth installment of True Detective: Night Country now on Blu Ray. I was able to do an unboxing below so your able to see how it looks and what it comes with. Afterwards, I popped in the first Blu Ray into my Blu Ray player to watch the first episode. The episode looked very crisp and clear on my television with the audio sounding very good. After the episode, I went back to the main menu and saw this disc is filled with Bonus Features. I dig that because Bonus Features include content you can’t find anywhere else and keeps you on the show. I enjoyed the Episode Recap as I’m able to see what I missed and what to interpret from the episode I just watched. This is good for collectors of Blu Rays of TV series’ as it will look good in any collector’s collection. A good show from HBO that everyone will enjoy.


Our thoughts


  • Bonus Features
    • Each Blu Ray has some pretty cool bonus features that will have you gazing hard. I enjoy the Episode Recaps bonus feature as I’m able to get more information from each episode. You don’t see many companies divulge the amount of bonus features you get when you get a Blu Ray. In this Blu Ray addition, it is packed with features and you will enjoy them!
  • Collectible
    • As a TV series collector, this is great to have in my collection. Not only do you get all episodes of season 4 but it includes Bonus Features and a cool looking case. This will go well with any collector’s collections that collect TV series as well as show you can show to friends and family.



Rating: 8 out of 10

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