Toy Tactics Conquers gamescom latam with New Content and Nomination for “Best Gameplay”

Toy Tactics Conquers gamescom latam with New Content and Nomination for “Best Gameplay”

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – June 27, 2024 – Toy Tactics, the innovative RTS game where you customize your strategies with hand-drawn formations developed by Kraken Empire and published by Joystick Ventures, arrives with a new content update at gamescom latam, formerly BIG Festival, from Wednesday, June 26, to Sunday, June 30, at the BIG Festival booth on the show floor.

The presence of Toy Tactics at the BIG Festival booth is the only way for the public to try the new demo, which now includes a new mode: Skirmish! In this mode, you can conquer and defend unit-producing buildings to survive all incoming waves. Additionally, new languages, cinematics, animations, interfaces, and other updates have been added. The BIG Festival jury has nominated Toy Tactics for “Best Gameplay,” with the winners to be determined on Friday, June 28, by a jury of games media and developers from around the world.

Under the guidance of legendary generals, master the art of drawing formations onto the battlefield. Divide your army into battalions and assign each a unique formation, sending miniature legions to battle against hordes of undead foes. Charge up your army with artifacts and powerful spells to gain the upper hand in real-time combat and crush your enemies.

Think fast, deploy your units strategically, and lead them to victory! Toy Tactics will be fully released on September 19 of this year.

About Kraken Empire

Kraken Empire is a Spain-based development studio with more than a decade of experience that focuses on game creation across a multitude of avenues and exploring newfound territory in technology. Previous projects like the free-roaming shooter Kromaia, and educational applications like Hi Score Science (created alongside the third-largest research council in Europe) are proof of these efforts.

About Joystick Ventures


Joystick Ventures is a California-based investing and publishing company whose main goal is to encourage indie developers to stay honest and promote experimentation to push the limits of game design across all genres, styles, and geographies. They are most known for their 2022 release, Lost in Play, which has sold more than 200,000 copies.


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