Tom and Jerry HBO MAX Review

Tom and Jerry HBO MAX Review

As the popcorn was being poured to our bowl, the movie starts off right on time. Today, we sat down to watch the new movie Tom and Jerry on HBO MAX. I grew up watching the older cartoons of Tom and Jerry and thought this would be good for the family to come together to watch this film. I had thought maybe this will be one of those short movies of just the cat and mouse just doing what they normally done for years. Well…I was wrong!

This well written and produced movie showcased Tom and Jerry in a newer version of the duo but in story form. I was hooked right when the movie started with the introduction of Jerry and Tom. I noticed my children got off their devices and sat down to watch the movie while eating their popcorn. Tom and Jerry the movie isn’t a revival but its a revolution for how a movie should be done correctly! Kudos to the writing team and producing team for showcasing a fun and adventurous movie that fans will watch over and over again. I will not spoil much of the movie below for our review but if you have the chance, watch this movie! You and your family will enjoy it!

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • The story for this movie is fantastic! I had assumed there would be a lot of mouse and cat traps with Tom and Jerry. The story is actually about a young lady Kayla lying to get a job at this expensive hotel. As she starts her job, Jerry has already made a home for himself at the hotel. While Kayla is enjoying the job, she has to get rid of Jerry since he is a mouse. She hires Tom to try and get rid of Jerry and then the fun comes out with them being themselves. Then as Kayla is learning more about her self, Tom and Jerry come up big for her at the end of the movie.
  • Cast
    • This movie has some huge stars casted in various parts throughout the movie! This movie is starring one of our favorite actresses Chole Grace Moretz as Kayla. Additional cast members include; Michael Pena, Colin Jost, Rob Delaney, Nicky Jam and many more! There are a lot of familiar faces in this movie that you will remember from other movies but each actor and actress played their role in the movie very good. I enjoyed their cast choices for a movie of this magnitude!
  • Visual Animation Mix
    • The mixture of real world with animation looked so flawless throughout the movie. I enjoyed seeing Tom and Jerry in their cartoonish element throughout the movie as well as various animals and past characters from their tv show! I felt like a child again watching Tom and Jerry mix it up in downtown New York.
    • I am so glad this was on HBO MAX as my family and I were able to watch this film together. We were able to watch this movie safely from our home. The movie is also available at the movie theaters but I would prefer to watch it at home with the family.



Rating: 9.8 out of 10

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