TMNT Rescue Palooza

Do you like Arcade games? Do you like Beat-Em Up games? Do you like TMNT? Well do I have game for you. Introducing the Fan-Made TMNT Rescue Palooza developed by Merso X. According to the website for this game, this was supposed to become a Remake for TMNT 3 for NES and then they decided to turn into the final product Rescue Palooza.  

The intro to this game starts off with the Turtles getting a message from their arch enemy, The Shredder. He informs the brothers that he has kidnapped EVERYONE they have ever known. Donatello comes up with brilliant idea. As they go save their friends, he would create a Cloneanator that replicates their friends to help them fight the good fight against the Shredder to defeat him.  

This game has so much to do, with: 

  • 60 Playable Characters 
  • Up to 4 local-play (just like the arcade) 
  • 17 Total Stages 

It is hard to not get caught up into the Fun. What really surprised me that there are actual Voice Audio from the show and previous games. The graphics of this game brings me back to my childhood, going to the arcade with quarters in my pocket for the machines.  

As you progress you are met with familiar faces from the original arcade and the tv show and the designs on these characters are classic. Everything about this game is special for anyone who just wants to give it a shot. Keep in mind as you’re playing you do have a stock of 9 lives and just like a regular arcade game. Once your lives are up, GAME OVER.  

As a whole this game brings nothing but nostalgia and classic childhood arcade in a new light. The developers of this game have proved that this type of play style can still exist in 2020 and can be played by anyone who is willing to give it a shot.  

With addicting gameplay, unique levels, retro music, and simple controls that anyone can pick up. TMNT Rescue Palooza is something special and brings old school gaming back like no other.  



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