The Wrong Earth: Fame and Fortune Issue 1 Review

The Wrong Earth: Fame and Fortune Issue 1 Review

Dragonfly and Dragonflyman are back in this new series for The Wrong Earth. We see two different stories for a new football stadium in Earth-Alpha and Earth-Omega. Dragonflyman and Dragonfly are both acclaimed billionaire Richard Fame in this series. As Richard Fame, he is in a meeting with the mayor to discuss financing a football stadium. We read through what kind of reaction and situations would happen with each Richard in Earth-Alpha and Earth-Omega. We see what kind of deals are done to get the stadium done and what Richard has to do to make sure they are on a timely schedule.

I enjoyed this issue as we didn’t see a crime fighting issue from both our heroes but more of a behind the scenes business deal as a billionaire. Richard Fame, in both Earths, used his values to ensure the stadiums were built in a timely manner. His values include why a stadium should be built and how it would help the city prosper. He didn’t realize the back-end deals by the mayor as well as some of the things he does to ensure it’s done cheaply. I really liked how the writer gave us a glimpse of what happens during these business meetings and how our values are screwed due to peer pressure from everyone around us. The art was masterful throughout this issue focusing on both Earth’s and highlighting which one was Earth-Alpha and which one was Earth-Omega.

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(W) Mark Russell

(A) Michael Montenat

COVER A: Jamal Igle

COVER B: Michael Montenat

COVER C: Gene Ha


A satirical one-shot from superstar writer Mark Russell (Second Coming, One-Star Squadron), spotlighting both gritty vigilante Dragonfly and his cheerful counterpart, Dragonflyman! On Earth-Alpha, Dragonflyman and his billionaire alter-ego Richard Fame work to bring citizens together. On Earth-Omega, the Dragonfly busts heads and breaks unions with a savage intensity. But they both share one goal: build a new sports stadium with Richard Fame’s name on it! Art by Michael Montenat (Happy Hour).

All five WRONG EARTH specials feature covers by co-creator Jamal Igle and a special incentive variant cover by legendary artist Gene Ha (Top Ten, Mae). This issue also features a second variant cover by Michael Montenat.