The Walking Zombie 2 Xbox Series S Review

The Walking Zombie 2 Xbox Series S Review

Zombies! Yikes! Hurry and find your weapon! The zombies are out and about in this adventure game. You must clear certain parts of the map away from those pesky zombies and find some useful items. I started this game thinking I may enjoy it well…I was right. I enjoyed this game hard as I enjoyed killing zombies and finding cool stuff in the mapped areas.

I was able to play this game on my Xbox Series S! The game flowed very well and learning to use the controls was fairly easy.

Here is my review:


  • Fun Side Quests
    • I’m enjoying the exploring the different areas of the map while doing my side quests. Yes, I’m shooting down those zombies (trying for headshots mostly) but also seeing how the lay of the land is. While doing a side quest, someone else may need help and I can join in and help that person in their situation.
  • Weapons
    • I have to admit that the baseball bat is pretty damn fun. I enjoyed swinging at various zombies and hoping for that home run. You can either find weapons or go through a dealer back home to purchase or trade for various weapons. I enjoy the rifle as its old school but that baseball bat is just tons of fun.
  • Killing Zombies
    • ’nuff said!



Rating: 8 out of 10

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