The Unhealer Film Review

The Unhealer is a film by Martin Guigui starring Lance Henriksen, Elijah Nelson, and Natasha Henstridge. Kelly (Elijah Nelson) is a teenage boy with a sickness that he eats paper and odd things. Made fun of by his classmates he keeps to himself with only one person who is kind to him Dominique (Kayla Carlson).

One day in the small town Kelly’s mother sees a faith healer do his work and ask him to go heal her son. Pflueger (Lance Henriksen) goes to see him but not before a payment. He goes in and lays hands on Kelly but things do not go as planned for Pflueger.

Kelly’s life is about to change and fast a form of Native American power that Pflueger once had is now in Kelly. Giving him some strange powers that will come with dangerous problems. Red Elk (Branscombe Richmond) is after the power to bring it back to his people. Kelly quickly learns of his newfound powers the hard way.

Now with a target on his back, he is attacked by a group of jocks from his school, and a deadly prank takes the life of one of the jocks. Kelly comes out of the accident unharmed and leaves the town police and the jocks unable to understand what has happened. The game gets deadlier after a revenge prank goes wrong sending Kelly into a revenge rage. Kelly now is feared and hated but he is out for blood only Dominique can talk him down or can she.

The Unhealer has an amazing cast and the story is well written. I really got into this film you feel for Kelly and side with him after all he has been through. I give this one an 8 out of 10 and solid film the casting was very well done and they bring the roles to life on screen so well. A thing I wished they had explained the power in more detail. How did Pflueger get it in the first place and what was Kelly picked by the power to receive it.