THE SECRET OF SINCHANEE a film by Steven Grayhm is a look into a home built on a plot of land that has some dark ties. We follow the story of Will (Steven Grayhm) and his family home where a tragic event happen when Will was a child. The killing of his family when his father was on a haul as a truck driver.

This event took the small New England town by storm with ties to Native American lore and paranormal things that happen in that area. The case is known in that area. Years pass and the father had passed and Will is given the home where the event took place. Will is not ready for what is to come of him going back home.

Will must face what his home is hiding and uncover what happened that fateful night as a child. A young woman’s death brings the police and ties into Will’s pass as symbols rise from within Will’s body match those found on the girl. In a town that lives in fear of what lurks in the woods, it feels like they turn a blind eye to things and do not want people poking around.

A film that has a deep backstory it is a slow burn and lots of building up the event. Overall a good film with some great lore and story. Steven taking multiple roles and writer/director as well as the main actor. I felt he did a wonderful job bring this film to life. I give this one a 7.5 out of 10 for a very deep story and well bring Will to life on screen. The cinematography is beautifully shot in the snow and use of the area. My only issues were the slow burn in telling the story. Overall a great film to check out now on VOD.