The Callisto Protocol Xbox Series S Review

The Callisto Protocol Xbox Series S Review

I was able to try out The Callisto Protocol using my Xbox Games Pass Ultimate subscription. I was able to download the game to my Xbox Series S console. I don’t remember how much size was involved in the download, but I know I left it on to download and went to watch a tv show on the other tv. Once downloaded, I was able to try out the game. The game starts off with animation where you flying through space and carrying a certain cargo. Then you are attacked and make a crash landing on a prison planet. Your then apprehended as someone with interest and added to the prison. Then something happens and there is chaos as many of the prisoners are infected with something. You will have to slowly move around vents and what not in order to escape. I liked the story in the beginning and had high hopes for the game but I just got bored. I liked the character models and the animation to the story in the game as they were well done. Either way, I played for about 30 to 45 minutes before I stopped playing.

My Thoughts


  • Nice Animation
    • I enjoyed the animation of the story in the game. This sets you up to learn more of the characters involved and the story as well.
  • Character models
    • The characters looked fantastic and very lifelike. The design team did a great job on the characters in this game.


  • I got Bored
    • I kind of digged the story, but I just got bored of the overall game. I tried my best to continue playing the game, but I lost interest. I didn’t like the crawling in vents much as well as slowly opening doors. I lost my excitement through that and felt so dull.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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