The Affair film Review

The Affair a film directed by Julius Sevcik set in the 30’s Czechoslovakia just before the start of the war. Based on the book The Glass Room. Starring Carice van Houten and Hanna Alstrom two close friends whose lives are tied by love. Liesel and her newlywed husband Viktor are having their dream house built. A beautiful house with a glass room that becomes a focal point in the film.

As Liesel has their child and the home is built things are not what they seem. Viktor entangled with the nanny and Liesel in love with Hana. Things come to a head when Liesel finds out about the affair Viktor is having. As if things could not get worst the war breaks out and the Jewish are fleeing the country.

Tearing Liesel and Hanna apart but not Viktor and nanny which he takes with them. Only to have her stopped at the airport. Time goes by Hana is trying to survive the nightmare she and her husband are living sending letters to each other is the only line of communication. The house Liesel and Viktor built is now used by the Germans and Hana gets involved with the man living there.

Years have passed and Liesel takes her oldest son back to Czechoslovakia to reunite with Hana at the old home Hanna now lives at. Just as the dream Liesel has of her visiting Hana there.

Overall this film is a love story filled with tragedy and forbidden love for the time it was set in. A period piece drama that is well written and the cinematography is beautifully shot. The use of the house and the focal point and glue that ties the story together makes it a character in the film. Give this one a watch out on March 5th, 2021, and see the story unfold yourself.