The 355 Blu Ray Review

The 355 Blu Ray Review

The 355 is an action-packed spy film by Simon King starring Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, and Sebastian Stan. A full-blown action-filled spy film that will take us and a team of female spies across the globe. A new technology that will cause major problems in the wrong hands.

Will bring together a group of spies each with their own skills to stop the sale of this item. Things are not as black and white and they will be double-crossed and forced to trust each other. To stop the tech from getting the hands of evil. A far from a easy task but the will had to find the inner strength to save the world.

The bonus features are filled with the making of film and BTS content. Deleted scenes and an amazing VFX Feature. A great inside look into The 355 for fans of filmmaking or how did they pull that off.

An action-packed film with a bit of a slow start but once the fuse is lit it’s go time. A great story for a spy film but not groundbreaking it gets the point across and works. Great cast and they work very well together in the film I give this one an 8 out of 10. My only issue was the bit of a slow burn to start but it picks up quickly and when it does hold on. Be sure to check it out on Blu Ray and DVD on Feb 22nd and digital out now.


  • CHASING THROUGH PARIS – Cast and filmmakers discuss the first day of shooting on THE 355 and how the choreographed chase sequence through the Parisian arcade set the tone for the entire production.
  • ACTION THAT HURTS – A behind-the-scenes look at the stunts featured in the film’s centerpiece action sequence.
  • RECONSTRUCTING MARRAKESH – From footage of construction to a set tour with Production Designer Simon Elliott, we’ll come to understand why the cast was so blown away by the accuracy of the Moroccan set.
  • CHAOS AT THE CITY OF DREAMS – Cast and filmmakers deconstruct the film’s final set piece, from exploding ceilings to major shoot-outs, to the ultimate show-down fight between Jessica Chastian’s and Sebastian Stan’s characters.


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