Thank You We Hit Our 2020 Goal of 100,000 Website Views in One Year

Thank You We Hit Our 2020 Goal of 100,000 Website Views in One Year

Back in 2012, I started to scratch the surface of wanting to start a website. I remember creating a WIX website, a very simple and unique website at the time, to help promote my friends music. After about a year and half, I put that on the side and continued on my education at UTSA. Then in late 2014, I wanted to create another brand for myself and to help others out there. While planning and finding out the right words for everything, I created Drop The Spotlight. This website was going to help people one way or another!

So with every new idea, there is an adventure behind it! Originally the website was originally a sweepstakes and freebie site. As a sweeper, I saw so much division in people those days, I wanted to have someplace where people can not only win but do it safely and in a good way.  I added in music reviews as I love music with a passion and listen to all takes of life. Another passion of mine was video gaming as I loved playing Call of Duty on my Xbox 360 at the time. I then added video gaming, blogging, and of course reviews to the menu as well. I didn’t realize this journey was not only life changing for myself but for others that are apart of a team. I can’t believe I have a hard working team that not only are bettering themselves and their brands but also continuing to build mine.

Today, I saw on my phone that this website has not only hit 100,000 views but crushed that number even further by hitting 100,100. I was in shock with so much mixed emotions as 2020 has dealt us a hard year. We saw so many casualties on the news and distraught views that ultimately has changed everyone’s lives. My team and I were affected by this situation, but we continued to go on! We continued to provide our fans with positive and non-clickbait news through our update menus: Fandom, Movies/TV, Video Gaming, Alamo City Vida, Reviews, Comic Book / Novella Reviews, and Tech Views.

This website has taken myself and team members to travel to New York and Boston to cover huge events; This website has taken myself and my team members to better opportunities in life through various training methods we were taught by one of our partners; Lastly, I never thought a person that had to relearn how to write a paragraph and learn to edit himself, be able to break out of his shell and be able to help people using skills he didn’t know he had.

Thank you to all the fans, businesses, conventions, promoters, sponsors, team members, friends, and more that were there for us. We met so many people that have become lifelong friends to our team and at times call our own brothers and sisters. I was able to meet my heroes Todd Mcfarlane, Jenna Jameson, Dustin Rhodes, Michael Keaton and a ton more. I even got the opportunity to interview a few of them as well. I gave myself high realistic goals for myself and my team even though many look and laugh saying you never will get to what you want in your brand. I look back and smile and thank them for their time because it doesn’t matter what you want to build for yourself, the journey that is often taken for granted of what is given to you in those special times. 5 years later, we hit 100,000 website views and nearly 800,000 impressions Oct 2020 on Google for the year 2020, number wise.

Don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give up on your ideas. If something doesn’t work, fix it and continue on. 

Thank you again!



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