Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Game Pre Party Fun In Austin

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game had a private party for their pre launch in Austin this past Saturday. Vic, Bernard and JP aka Spartaprimez traveled from San Antonio to Austin to experience this pre launch event! I have to say it was the best pre launch event I’ve been to in YEARS! So much fun, so much excitement and it was something I will never forget!

Our Arrival

We arrived in Austin to the special location for the pre party! We felt like we entered the depths of hell as it was hot as nuts outside in Austin! Once we got there, we waited for a few minutes outside before we got in to meet Tom from Evolve PR and sign in. We walked in and went straight to the bar to get a few drinks to cool ourselves down a bit.

Celeb Guests

I didn’t know there were going to be celeb guests from either previous movies of Texas Chainsaw Massacre or voice actors from the game itself!! I was walking around and I saw Scout Taylor Compton and Kane Hodder taking pictures and I was like WTF Scout and Kane! I took a very cool picture with them giving the middle fingers to the haters out there.

We also saw Ed Neal, Chainsaw Jerry himself Allen Danziger, Sean Whalen, and many more! We also saw people that worked on the movies production wise as well as trademark holder for Leatherface himself. This was a welcomed surprise and gave myself and the fans attending a treat of meeting horror royalty!

Our Thoughts on the Game

We were able to get our hands on the game and were told it was the FULL GAME! No beta testing here today folks, we got our hands on the full game. I’m not going to spoil much at all as we believe in experiencing the game at its fullest with surprises but it was hella fun! There was an area just for family and an area for victims. We started off in the victim area first as you know me, I like to use strategy to win in games, but this time….I hid. Yes, I hid and ran like a coward. A coward trying to survive though. I was able to make a lock pick in order to open certain doors and nearly escaped but Leatherface had plans for me though. I haven’t had this much fun in years in playing a game with friends and new friends alike. JP was able to play in the family side and he had so much fun terrorizing everyone around him. It was hard to pull him from the controller as he told everyone that this was the best game he had played in a long time.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Game will be coming out on August 18th on Xbox, PS4/PS5, and PC. We already got ours pre ordered on Xbox Game Pass and we are excited for the game! Be ready for a game that will keep you wanting to play more and more! Fantastic art, fantastic story, and overall just fun not only for horror fans but all gamers alike!

What We Saw

Check out our Tiktok video below of what we saw and met during the event!


Swag Unboxing

Below is the unboxing of the swag box we got from Xbox and Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Game team! We thank you very much for the cool items!

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