SURFER Film Review

SURFER a film by Douglas Burke a film on finding one’s way back from fear. Sage a young surfer who loves to hit the waves is left in paralyzing fear after wiping out and needing to be saved. Left unable to get back in the water but still needing to be near the water. He takes up fishing but the fear has him in a chokehold.

While fishing one day he catches something other than fish. In an odd way, someone gets tangled in his line. Sage jumps into action to save the man’s life he takes him to sit and rest. Sage is about to uncover how to end his fear with the help of a stranger who is closer to him than he knows.

The man he saves turns out to be his father sent by divine help to show Sage how to shake the fear. A story you must watch to learn how this happened and the dream that makes Sage believe. Only a short time together but enough to help sage and send him on a path to find out who his father is.

This film was an odd one but has a strong message in it and makes for a great watch. I would say go into it with an open mind and hear the message this film has. We all have some kind of fear and this film touches on that and how to overcome that fear.