Superhero Comic Con 2024 Brought The Geek Out Of Me
myself with actress Diane Guerrero

Superhero Comic Con 2024 Brought The Geek Out Of Me

Superhero Comic Con 2024 Brought The Geek Out Of Me! Yes, you heard that right. I geeked out pretty hard on Saturday June 22nd in San Antonio, TX. Originally I was debating on attending the convention until low and behold I won a contest from a radio station for a pair of 1 day passes. You know me, I couldn’t say no to anything comic con related and anything free, so that sealed the deal for me to attend Superhero Comic Con 2024. With those one day passes, I told Bernard that we should go not as media but as fans. I know for nearly a decade of attending comic cons as media / press, I never really fully enjoyed a comic con as a fan. This convention was my first time EVER attending a comic con as a fan.

Here my thoughts of what I saw and experienced at Superhero Comic Con 2024 Saturday 1 Day

I was able to arrive to Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio at 10:30am to a long line to park. Once situated with our parking, we were able to get scanned in and get our badges. We went to Expo Hall 1 and did a quick walk around until we heard that Expo Hall 2 had free autographs and selfies from a select list of celebrity guests that day. We speed walked over there and I was shocked! I remember attending 2022 show that Expo 2 was usually where all the cars were for the car show. I only saw maybe 2 cars but Expo Hall 2 had the video game section, U.S. Airforce area, and the free autograph section.

myself with actress Diane Guerrero

I ran up to the line for Diane Guerrero for her timeslot for the Free Selfie. I was in a pretty big line, but I was able to look around briefly in the area. I saw other celebrities tables that were offering free autos and free selfies where other’s were lining up to as well. Once Diane got there, the line moved pretty quickly. I was able to take my selfie with Diane and talked briefly with her. She was such as sweet heart that melted my heart when she talked about my glasses and the nice smelling cologne I wore. As a person that attends comic cons for over a decade, you make sure you shower and smell nice in these areas because you don’t want to be remembered as the smelly person haha! 

Recovering my composure, I went to the Lea Thompson line which was next door. Her line was capped, yet, later that day, I stood in line for an hour and got her selfie.

Then, I saw Sam Jones, Flash Gordan himself, was there offering free selfies and autos! I first interviewed Sam Jones 7 years ago in Austin and  he has been a staple in the comic con community for years. I never gotten an auto from him or even attempted a selfie with him. Today, was my lucky day, as I was able to get a photo with him and then later on the day, get an autograph from him. I was pretty stoked to get that from him as I always wanted to get an autograph from him but I never had the chance as I was always really busy doing media. I felt so grateful to be able to get his auto and selfie.


My free selfie and autograph haul from Superhero Comic Con in San Antonio! #superherocomiccon #sanantonio #sanantoniotx #autograph #selfie

♬ original sound – Utsadeli

I was also able to get an auto and selfie from Maxwell Jenkins and auto from Caity Lotz as well. I never seen a convention offer fans multiple FREE autos and selfies just for attending the show. I believe majority of the attendees from that Saturday show was at Expo hall 2 enjoying those fantastic perks.


What we saw at Superhero Comic Con in San Antonio! #sanantonio #sanantoniotx #superherocomiccon #comiccon

♬ Energy – Able Heart

After spending about 7 hours in Expo hall 2, we went back into Expo Hall 1 and did a quick walk once more. I was able to see some cool cosplays from cosplayers attending the convention. I also saw some cool statues such as Peacemaker, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, and more.

Then after that, we decided to leave as our backs and knees were tingling a bit. I’m not getting younger anymore lol. 

I will say this: Attending Superhero Comic Con 2024 was the most fun I had in a convention in many MANY years. I enjoyed meeting the celebs, meeting cosplayers, seeing old friends, making new friends, and being able to be a geek freely once more.



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