Summer Catchers Steam Review

Summer Catchers is a road trip type game where you travel to complete your quest to find summer. You are shown a route where you experience an artistic ride to random dreams of discovery. The travel through terrain is rough so remember to stockpile on supplies and tools. You will need repair and add on things to your car and have it ready so everyone can get out of your way!


The music, oh man, the music is just banging on this game. You will jam on the road trip with various music that makes it feel you got a mix tape of fun. The soundtrack for this game is very good, caught me off guard and I enjoyed it.

All in all, this is a very enjoyable game! I enjoyed the perks from this game such as the travel and exploring the area. The art from this game was fantastic and make 8 bit grow to 16 bit over night. The music was very enjoyable and I had an amazing time!

You can get this game on Steam Here: