​​[ST. LOUIS, MO – MAY 31, 2024] NandoSTL released his new single “Lookin For Me” today via Nappy Boy Entertainment. On the new song, we hear Nando’s signature soulful sound resonating with underdogs everywhere, capturing their struggles and triumphs with raw, heartfelt emotion. The new single is Nando’s second offering of 2024. “Lookin For Me” is available everywhere now.

“This record embodies what it means to be the underdog,” says NandoSTL regarding his latest release.  “As an artist, father, and everyday person, I’ve faced countless challenges and often found myself in unfavorable situations. For too long, I compromised my visions, talents, and creativity to fit into a prescribed business model that was supposed to guarantee success. After months of being homeless, alone, and feeling betrayed, I finally decided to confront who I’d become. This record is the soundtrack to that pivotal moment. I had lost myself trying to please other artists, family members, and digital platform algorithms. Now, I’m ready to embrace my true self, regardless of the outcome. Win, lose, or draw… here I am.”

Last week, “Lookin For Me” was played while Nando walked St. Louis boxer Stephan Shaw out at his May 24 flight in their hometown. UFC Fighter, Joaquin “New Mansa” Buckley, is set to appear in the upcoming video for “Lookin For Me.”

Alongside his new release, the St. Louis rapper hit the road this week as T-Pain’s supporting act for the ‘Mansion in Wiscansin Party’ Tour. The tour wraps up in Miami, FL on July 3rd. Tickets are available HERE.

This is the second time the St. Louis rapper has joined Nappy Boy Entertainment label-head T-Pain as support, following last year’s ‘Escape From Wiscansin: The Invasion’ Tour.

Last year, Nando unleashed his debut album, ‘Y.O.T.A.’ (Year of the Ape) via Nappy Boy Entertainment, which boasts features from T-Pain, Nelly, and Young Cash.

With ‘Y.O.T.A.,’ Nando cemented his spot among hip-hop’s next wave of up-and-coming artists.“This year, I wanted to do something totally different than what I’ve ever done as an artist,” he said. With his new label home and forthcoming body of work, NandoSTL is poised to be a 2024 ‘Artist To Watch.’


St. Louis upstart NandoSTL arrived swinging for the fences. Since his 2018 debut EP ‘Good Vibes,’ Nando has consistently delivered a steady stream of both authentic and poignant cuts—punctuated with an unmistakably soulful style that makes him a very necessary MVP on T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment team. His upcoming project ‘Y.O.T.A.’ (Year Of The Ape) builds upon the mission he embarked on five years ago, only elevated and more focused. It’s Nando’s year, indeed.

Raised by his grandparents and his dad, his love affair with music started early. At two years old, he traveled to Chicago to see his dad’s family, and the experience was life-changing. “They owned an African drum company, where they taught African dance and drums,” he says. “And the first time I went there, I attended one of the classes and was like beating on African drums and never stopped beating on stuff since then. They bought me a drum set when I got back, so I stopped beating on tables.” The bulk of his childhood, however, was spent in the church. Over the years, he became active in the music program at church and still plays as a church musician to this day. While he was surrounded by church music, his non-secular inspirations included fellow STL native Nelly, along with Wyclef Jean and Cee-Lo Green, as Nando’s influences meet at the intersection of Rap and Soul.

While working in corporate America post-grad, Nando found balance in pursuing music on the side as a form of therapy when his professional and personal life was in flux. It wasn’t until 2018 that he was full steam ahead, releasing his debut EP ‘Good Vibes.’ He dropped a handful of singles over the next few years, including “Cool Lil Sunday” and the critically acclaimed“Outside” (which cracked the 70,000 mark in views on YouTube alone), building his buzz locally. 2020 was a monumental year for Nando. He won five awards at St. Louis’s Underground Music Awards, including Best New Artist and Artist of the Year with his follow-up EP Bamboo in tow. It was during that year that he assembled his team, with his Media Coordinator consistently hitting T-Pain over Twitch with Nando’s music. Eventually, a track stuck, and when T-Pain held a competition for who would be the next signee to Nappy Boy, Nando was the victor amongst thousands of applicants. And the rest is history. The stage is now set for ‘Y.O.T.A.’


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