Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Xbox Series S Review

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Xbox Series S Review

I was able to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor through EA Play that is part of my Xbox Games Pass Ultimate package. The download process took a bit of time as the game was pretty large. I forgot the actual size, but I let it run its course as I just chillaxed. Once done, I jumped into the game and I figured out why it was pretty large. The opening movie sequence and the powerful graphics shown on screen was hella cool! The opening movie sequence was pretty damn cool as I learned more about the character and what was going on in the story. Afterwards, I was on the roof and moved around to find ways to capture the Senator. Throughout the game, I learned about jumping on the wall, climbing, and most importantly my lightsaber.

I was engulfed by the story as I wanted to know more about my character and how the galaxy was at this point. The graphics were mesmerizing as I was shocked on how detailed the game is. Lastly, who doesn’t like lightsaber battles?! I was using my light saber like it was 1977 all over again going through Stormtroopers! A fantastic game and I will be looking into owning this game soon!

Our Thoughts:


  • Story
    • The story is pretty good as your one of the last surviving Jedi Knights that is trying to protect the galaxy. You journey with friends you meet that will help defeat stormtroopers, save the galaxy, and learn more about the people in various areas.
  • Graphics
    • The graphics were very well done by the designers! Top notch I say! The skyline was beautiful throughout the game as well as how the characters looked as well. I was pretty shocked on how well designed Survivor is!
  • Lightsaber battles
    • Who doesn’t like lightsaber battles? I enjoyed building my skill set and growing my character through lightsaber battles. I learned so much in the game on how to defend yourself in the game and destroy the enemy of course!



Rating: 9 out of 10

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