Smappee’s innovative EV Wall charger revolutionizes smart charging

Smappee’s innovative EV Wall charger revolutionizes smart charging

Smappee, the award-winning global cleantech company renowned for its innovative energy management solutions, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking EV Wall charger in the United States. Designed for both residential and commercial use, this smart charger integrates seamlessly with Smappee’s advanced energy management technology, offering a more energy efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to charge electric vehicles (EVs).

The smartest charging solution on the market

The Smappee EV Wall boasts several standout features that set it apart from ordinary charging stations, making it the ultimate choice for forward-thinking consumers and businesses looking to save money and future-proof their investments.

1. Optimize with solar power: By connecting the charger to your own solar panels and utilizing Smappee’s built-in solar forecasting technology, users can maximize their EV charging with solar power, enhancing self-sufficiency, savings and promoting environmentally friendly daytime charging.

2. Charge at the best price: The charger’s AI-based system intelligently manages charging to avoid high-cost periods and utility penalties by allowing users to set peak demand preferences, while also ensuring drivers have a full charge by departure time.

3. Avoid service upgrades: Smappee’s precise revenue-grade energy monitoring ensures a balanced energy use between multiple EVs and the building, preventing costly electrical upgrades and ensuring a reliable charging experience without tripping breakers.

4. Smart by design: Smappee’s charging solutions are a perfect blend of form and function. The beautifully designed chargers feature forward-thinking aesthetics and a functional LED light that provides essential feedback while doubling as ambient lighting to enhance safety in parking spaces. The adjustable brightness ensures it won’t disturb nocturnal animals. Crafted from durable materials and adhering to minimalist design principles, Smappee chargers use only the essentials, embodying both sustainability and elegance.

Compact yet powerful

The Smappee EV Wall charger has a space-saving design but with powerful capabilities, making it an ideal charging solution for both homes and businesses. It can be seamlessly integrated with Smappee’s Smartup Kit for residential use or the Smappee Infinity for businesses unlocking all smart features. With a power output of 48A, wall-mounted design, and an 18-foot cable, it offers convenience without compromising on performance. The charger is fully UL 2231 certified, ensuring safety and reliability.

Effortless control and management

Advanced technology places control firmly in the hands of the driver. The user-friendly Smappee App provides effortless control and management of charging sessions, giving users valuable insights and flexibility. For businesses, the Smappee Management Dashboard offers comprehensive control over EV fleets and charging stations, all accessible remotely in real-time.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Smappee EV Wall Charger to the US market. With its advanced energy management capabilities, this charger empowers consumers and businesses to make smarter, more sustainable choices while enjoying the benefits of reliable electric mobility. Smappee is committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance energy efficiency and accelerate the energy transition.” Stefan Grosjean, Founder and CEO of Smappee

Trusted professional installation

Installation is hassle-free and performed by Smappee’s network of certified local installers, who are trained at the Smappee Academy and backed by the company’s top-rated support team.