Sir Nick Justice goes crime solving at the Art Heist Experience!

Sir Nick Justice goes crime solving at the Art Heist Experience!

In the early morning of October 18th, 1990 – two men stole 13 pieces of art from the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston.

The value? 13 hundred MILLION dollars making it one of the most daring thefts in history!

The importance? No one knows who did it. An unsolved HEIST.

Now is your chance to head downtown San Antonio and not only see the beauty that is this Texas City but also the gorgeous Tobin Center from October 16th – 25th, 2020.

Tickets can be purchased from

As we continue to adapt in a pandemic environment, safety is always #1.

You will be greeted at a booth in front of the Tobin Center where staff will check your temperature and ensure you’re wearing a mask. There will also be social distanced spaces to have each separate party stand as you form a group or act as your own Sherlock Holmes.

After instructions are given and the ADVENTURE starts, your guide will walk you through time as you meet actors around the venue for a 90-min to 2hr journey in meeting your suspects.

CAREFUL of your suspects because they can’t be trusted. You will hear their side of the story that night in how they were the potential burglars based on true information but it’s up to you to piece the truth from fiction. Traveling through the streets of the city while “talking to the dead” and traveling south of the border in imagination.

You and your group will hear the stories and need to ask important questions and look for clues in the story to find out the best theory of WHO DID IT? What do you think really happened?

Rewards away those who figure out what experts have concluded.

The Experience Reviewed

As there are multiple times to choose from, the later the evening – the harsher lighting can be. In which there are ambient lights placed to help shine on the actors. The experience comes with a QR Code enabled website that you will have to QUICKLY listen to if you really want to zone in for clues on each character.

The tour is led by the “top Investigator” of the case as they help you out by asking each character information to help paint a picture of where they were that evening of the heist. If the group is a bit introverted or shy, they will help by giving clues if you’re paying attention or if you need a hint on what to ask. I know myself, I will need to practice a few rounds of Clue to brush up on my interrogating skills.

The audio projection was a hit or miss in certain areas especially if there is wind involved such as our evening. When it’s your turn to INTERROGATE the suspects, ask whatever you can to help catch them in their tracks as you solve the mystery.

Each actor did such a great job that they improvised to answer and even catch them in a lie. One question or two can change the whole experience as you’ll want to carry over to each suspect and find possible connections.

Preparing: Be sure to check your local area’s weather as it was rather chilly the evening I went but luckily not enough for a jacket as compared to the upcoming night.

Wear comfy shoes as you’ll be standing most of the time and walking around the grounds.

This event is suggestive should you decide to bring your kids – there is heavy language as the actors get in depth with the characters being portrayed.

Water or snacks are suggested should you find yourself needing a recharge. Be sure to avoid the restroom during the experience by going beforehand to avoid missing the tour.

Be sure to check out the experience today by looking at their website and finding out dates to buy your tickets!!

-Sir Nick Justice