Silver Chains Xbox Series S Review

Silver Chains Xbox Series S Review

Ready for reoccurring nightmares? Ready to sleep with your night light on? Ready to be scared your socks off? The game we were able to review is called Silver Chains by Headup Games! This is a horror game where you must figure out the dark secrets of the house while hiding from a ghostly owner that will have you shiver in your timbers.

I was able to download the game to my Xbox Series S and was ready to get my scare on. I will say this…don’t play this game at 7am with headphones on high level with no one home. Even with the light barely coming out with the sun rising, you will start to get paranoid and thinking you may have to press pause to go check your other bedroom if that noise was coming from there or from the game. I will not spoil much but I will say this…Be sure to play this game during the day with the lights on!

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • You are in an accident and decide to find help. You find a house with one of the windows lit up like someone is there. You walk over there but it starts to get darker and darker but once you knock on the door you pass out. I woke up in a strange room and start exploring the other rooms. A message on the door leaves a creepy feeling in your stomach as you don’t know what is going on. The things you uncover and discover will scare you stiff!
  • Puzzles:
    • I enjoyed the puzzles in this game as they weren’t too hard to figure out. They provided a lot of information when you do figure out a puzzle while continuing what is happening next in the story.
  • Jump Scares:
    • When you so in-depth on finding and looking for clues or additional things to carry, you may come into a situation where “old lady” makes her presence. As a man, I have to admit, I got scared a few times. This caught me when I least expected but I enjoyed finding different places to hide.



Rating: 9 out of 10

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