SIEGE (Asedio) Review

Siege (Asedio) is a film by director Miguel Angel Vivas starring Natalia de Molina. Dani is a young police officer on a massive eviction of apartment complexes in Madrid. Dani enters a room where she finds a money strip on the floor. She leaves but not before dropping something to come back for.  She returns only to find that the back of an old dresser is a few rows of stacked bills duct taped to it. She takes them and wraps them around her body when she hears voices. She is now trapped in the room with the cash taped to her body. Only to find out some shady cops she works with are in on this and their contact is stealing from them.

She watches from a hole in the wall she hid in only to see them kill the man but not before she started to film them on her phone. Dani is now in a bad place and is caught filming. Dani is now fighting for her life as she is not giving up the money. She makes a break and the chase is on to get her the money and her cell phone.

Siege started a bit slow for me but it picked up fast in both story and pace. Dani really had it bad trying to save herself and those who helped her as she was wounded multiple times. I give this one a 6 out of 10 a great watch and the story of a heist gone wrong mixed with crooked cops plays well in this film. A big ramp-up makes the film take it to the next level in the story and action. This one is not to be missed out now on digital so be sure to check it out.