Shooting To The Stars With Space City Comic Con

Shooting To The Stars With Space City Comic Con

The travel from San Antonio to Houston was pretty good as we drove with a album full of AC/DC music filling the air as we drove in style. We anticipate the best from Space City Comic Con and yet they aim to the sky with the con. 

We arrived at a warm 12:30 pm on a Friday afternoon to NRG Park and it was just amazing being near NRG Stadium where the Houston Texan’s play NFL football.

Lou and I arrive and collect our MEDIA passes and secure our understanding that we are here to have fun and get the world to know how cool the con is.


We get into the con and as I may say, I am over whelmed by the sheer size of vendors, cos players, activities for not only kids but everyone, and of course the bread and butter meeting CELEBRITIES.

We communicate with each other with walkie talkies so we wouldn’t get lost in this huge amazing place.

I met several vendors and talked to them of the cultural of comic cons and how comic con’s has helped people find their favorite items in their stores.

2016-05-27 15.51.28

One of the vendor’s I met was ChibiEssence and the products she had were amazing. I never seen anything like that before and they looked amazing. She said she loved coming to the con’s and showing fans what she makes because people don’t even know it exists and when they find out, they are instant fans.

I had met several cos players at the event and just talking to them about the cultural was just magical. I enjoyed my time talking to people with an amazing creative imagination that create works of art with their cos play. I met CorcidCosplay and she was very nice and with her cos play very creative. She had a great imagination and she showed it with her cos play. I was also able to meet Cara Nicole and she was very informative of her art and had the crowd glowing with the palm of her hand. She is a very interesting individual with her future panning out to help the less fortunate and help make her home state of Arizona great again. I salute her and what she is doing to help her state.

2016-05-27 13.34.03

The NASA setup was the coolest thing I have ever seen at a con and was purely amazed on the technology they have created to make our future into a reality. I was able to see a real life space suit right at the con. I didn’t touch it as fear of radiation  (a joke laugh now) but the suit was just amazing. They had virtual reality stations to control items at the space station and even had a robotic arm there being used by General Motors. I was very impressed and astonished by the amount of technology that is coming forward today.

2016-05-27 15.01.06

I was honored to meet the celebrities at the con and just talk to them on real life level and explain some cool things they have done that influenced not only myself but the cultural itself. I have to admit I did get super shy when I met Gigi Edgley and couldn’t even mutter a thank you for being on Farscape. My partner in crime Lou was able to keep the conversation going and get her laughing with some cool jokes. Next time when I meet Gigi Edgley, I will not only be more confident in my communication but also friendly and warm discussing cool topics with her. I was able to talk to many celebrities and talk to them such as Sam Jones who portrayed Flash Gordon and didn’t know he was on Stargate Sg-1. As a huge Stargate Sg-1 fan we shared some good stories and information about that show. The biggest celebrity that I met that influenced me as a child was Hacksaw Jim Duggan. I have been a wrestling fan since I could walk and met many wrestlers over my time but no one could command the area such as Hacksaw. We shook hands and talked and he was not only a great person to talk to but appreciate everything we do to make sure the fans know whats in the culture.

2016-05-27 15.47.18

We had a great time with Space City Comic Con and there was so many things to do. We met some great people, enjoyed time with celebrities that are friendly, and  enjoyed a cultural event where many people just enjoy the same things you do. Space City provided that comfort for everyone and only a few hiccups here and there with our MEDIA passes but all in all, a great con that gave enthusiasm to a cultural that loves the shield of spreads.