Shady Grove Movie Review

Shady Grove Movie Review

Shady Grove is a movie that will have you peaking outside your window on those scary nights. Yes, I did it a few times after watching this movie at home…in the dark…alone..! I was excited to check out this movie as I enjoy a good thriller movie that has a fantastic story to go along with it. I watched the trailer a few times but the trailer didn’t tell the whole story! I was in for quite a journey when I pressed play on my laptop!

I was able to screen this movie before it came out and have to say I enjoyed watching it. The movie stars Niki McElroy as Shaina and Todd Anthony as Mark who are a couple that are accompanied by their friend Elijah, played by Juhahn Jones, to a cabin. During their trip, they noticed the local people are a bit odd and women as well. Elijah is excited as he wants to meet them up close and personal while Shaina and Todd want to relax and enjoy their time. Then, out of nowhere, Elijah is missing after having a fun time with a local woman and strange things start to happen to Mark and Shaina. A lot of weird masked individuals are showing up in random in close quarters that will startle you to the bone!

The movie from beginning to end was fantastic not only from the story but the actors portraying their characters. You get the vibe that the people aren’t who they are in that town and once you hit the end of the movie, you are in for a shocking situation!



The Rating I’m giving the movie is 8 out of 10!

The movie has a very good story that included some creepy people in masks that looked very scary and intimidating. The actors and actresses did an amazing job telling this story in the movie while still leaving the viewer still wondering what is going to happen next. Shady Grove is out now on all streaming platforms, be sure to check this one out!