Shadow Brawlers Review

We had received the opportunity to play this Local Muti-player Ninja based game. It had reminded me of a little of Super Smash Bros, platforming, and a hint of Final Fantasy with the character designs.  

Now I have to be honest when I received the game, I thought it was an Online Multi-player game where I competed with other players. But when I started up the game, I soon realized that it was a local offline game. I than invited a couple of my friends over to help test the game a little more and we ended up having a blast. If anything, it made the experience even better because it felt like the old days where you would invite your friends over for a late-night competition.   

Now the game play if fairly simple but I will say there is a lot to do when you’re in a match to the death. There is a training mode if you choose to get familiar with the game but even this mode is a little challenging. Gameplay is simple, you choose your character and the maps are designed for sneaking to defeat your opponent.  

The screen is colored white and black because your character is able to transition between both colors. If you’re in the dark area you would want to switch to white so you can indicate where your player is, and vice versa. The game gets interesting when you are the same color as the area, you’re in because it basically makes your invisible but I will warn you that it is very hard to figure out where you are once you enter the shadows!   

Playing with my friends was a blast. It was very challenging trying to eliminate each other especially when you cannot tell where your opponent is. It does take a little skill to keep up with the amount of conditions there are in a match but once oyu play a couple rounds it tends to lighten up a little.  

There is plenty of fun to be had here with this game especially with the amount of different unlockable modes they have as you continue to play. I would personally recommend this game if you are going to have a game night, or a small get together. The more you play the more addicting it gets.  

Now this game is available to download across all platforms, so download today and start Brawling!! Currently is you want to save a little on this game you can download on Steam for 10% off till Dec 3, 2019. 

Steam: – sale till Dec 3, 2019 – 10%