See Season 1 Apple TV Plus Review

See Season 1 Apple TV Plus Review

I was able to watch this show on my subscription to Apple TV Plus! I was too wary on getting the subscription but once I got my new Iphone 13, I was given a free 3 months. I’m like sure, lets rock and roll! This is the first TV show I’m watching on this service and I have to saw is wow! I never been speechless from watching a TV show in a long time. This show is basically about people living blind from a situation that happened to Earth hundreds of years ago. Then a woman shows up who is pregnant and Jason Momoa’s character marries her as he cannot have children. Then when the children are born, they have vision and then the story goes wild from there.

I don’t want to spoil too much or talk too much as I have already talked enough here. I have to say, there is so much more to the plot and story of this show that you will want to binge the first season in one day. There is only 8 episodes for season 1 so have some fun!

here is the review:


  • Jason Momoa
    • This TV show is the first show / movie since Stargate Atlantis where I see a powerful and vengeful Jason Momoa. You can feel his attitude, you can feel his love for his children, and you can taste the violence he bestows. He does a phenomenal job in this show.
  • Well Written
    • See is a very well written show! I applaud the writers for being so creative to bring this show out. I know there is an abundance of post apocalyptic type shows on TV and movies yet this show was different. They gave you a reason to watch and not adhere to the norms!
  • Creative
    • This show is so creative! I would never expect blind warriors knowing how to fight in combat without their eyesight. They talk about the sounds they here, the air they smell, and much more. I was shocked on how well this was done and made so much sense!



Rating: 10 out of 10

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