Second Coming Issue 6 Comic Book Review

Second Coming Issue 6 Comic Book Review

The ending for Second Coming: Only Begotten Son was fantastic. I enjoyed this series as the writer put situations into perspective. He gave us a look at alternative views of what we thought Jesus wanted us to believe in but the frustration of how words can be misused.

In Issue 6, Season Finale, we see a situation happening in ancient Poland concerning some laws. A few miracles happen when God’s name is declared each time but the person making laws is not quite convinced. Afterwards, we then go to Heaven to see Jesus is in town to talk to his dad. He felt like what he was doing on Earth wasn’t having a positive effect for him and his followers. He has a good conversation with his dad that explains to him of the growth of His words and usage with the humans. Later, we see Sunstar gets double crossed by someone that he wants to trust and while he gives that person a new journey, his wife calls that his baby is coming. He races back to watch the birth of his newborn baby and Jesus continues to think of that conversation with his Father.

This was an amazing read while not only learning more of Jesus but watching him interacting with Sunstar and eventually helping him become a better person. The art has always been top notch in this series! I enjoyed the various colors and usage of emotions that brings the story out even more. From beginning to end, this was a fantastic story to read. Enjoyed it hard!

Rating: 10 out 10

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(W) Mark Russell

(A) Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk

(C) Richard Pace


SEASON FINALE of the book The Hollywood Reporter calls “a surprisingly subtle and sensitive exploration of faith, hero worship, and the way both exist in today’s popular culture.” Stung by a painful failure, Jesus contemplates quitting Earth and moving back to Heaven. Meanwhile, an old enemy attacks Sunstar as Sheila goes into labor.

All AHOY titles feature bonus prose stories and illustrations.


October 13, 2021