Sail Away with Yacht Rock Revue

Allow the “Summer Breeze” to take you away. Don a captain’s hat and take a trip back in time with Yacht Rock Revue. On Friday, Aug. 4, I did just that.

Growing up, I spent most of my early childhood listening to either “dad rock” or “yacht rock,” most people my age don’t consider it cool (I am 27) but it helped shape my music taste.

Fun fact: James Taylor was the second concert I ever attended.

It was a nostalgia trip especially since my parents joined me at the show. Yacht Rock Revue provided a chance to reminisce about those 5-hour-long family road trips to South Padre Island while my dad’s easy-listening playlist provided the soundtrack for the summer. At that time, I wasn’t as appreciative as I am now. Sorry Dad, for complaining about your “old man” music, I was secretly singing in the backseat.

Yacht Rock Revue is a fun time for anyone who enjoys good vibes and a welcoming atmosphere. Maybe next time they are in town you might even find me front row wearing a captain’s hat and a Hawaiian shirt.