Rusty Krab A Sponge Bob Inspired Pop Up Bar Review

On a fun afternoon, I saw something posted online about a Sponge Bob Event in Houston. We were able to score tickets for the Sponge Bob Rusty Krab pop up event in Houston Texas. This event was held at the famed Plethora venue in the heart of downtown Houston! My family and I took an early morning drive to Houston from the countdown city. We were imaging all the things we could be doing during the Sponge Bob event. We weren’t disappointed! When we got there, the fun had started with something that will capture your inner child.

I was able to create memories with my family and others after checking out this event this past Saturday morning. I was able to do a quick review of the event below and have to say, if you have the chance, get down there and check it out! This is something so unique and fun that it will take you to another world filled with delicious drinks and tasty treats!

Here is the review: 



  • Just like in Sponge bob
    • I have seen the tv show and movie for Sponge Bob numerous of times! Just walking into the venue, you felt like you were inside the mind of Sponge Bob! You were seeing what he was seeing during that time under the water chilling with his friends. A great job to the team who created and designed the sets! They must have put their heart and souls into creating something so unique and flashy!
  • Picture Moments
    • Every part of this venue had something from the Sponge Bob TV show! I felt like I was able to take a picture, selfie, and group photo in nearly every spot of the venue. I felt like I was in the Sponge Bob world having some fun with Patrick and others. Very enjoyable!
  • Family Fun
    • I was able to bring my family and my 2 bro n law’s families to the event. We traveled from San Antonio to Houston for this specific event. We weren’t entirely disappointed! The children had so much fun in the Sponge bob event that even at times, I felt like a kid again. I was able to take numerous amount of pictures from the event with the family that will serve as a memories. I liked the food as well, the brunch style food hit the spot after a few hours of driving.


  • Not Enough Space
    • My only con of the event is that there wasn’t enough space in the venue. I know there was an upstairs and a downstairs but felt there wasn’t enough spots to sit down and relax.

Rating: 9 out of 10