Ambitious Korean survival shooter aims for early access success

Reality MagiQ, Pangyo — Nov 24, 2022 | Kakao Games and Reality MagiQ are happy to announce that Dysterra, a brand-new futuristic survival game, is out today via Steam Early Access. To mark its release, you can watch the new Dysterra “Survival Challenge” trailer below.


Get ready to drop into a ravaged Earth as you craft, build, and battle. Whether riding solo or in a squad with friends, Dysterra allows you to play your way with PvE, co-op, and competitive servers.

The official Dysterra Early Access launch times are as follows:

  • CET: 1900, Nov 23, 2022
  • PST: 1000, Nov 23, 2022
  • KST: 0300, Nov 24, 2022

Regional pricing and more information is available via Dysterra’s official Steam store page.

About Dysterra

Dysterra is a survival shooter that takes place on a destroyed future Earth. With the discovery of TerraSite, mankind has made rapid progress but, in return, our homeworld faces annihilation. In Dysterra, players need to strategize in order to stay alive, securing food, gear, and shelter to survive on a hostile planet, forging weapons, armor, and potential alliances with other players.

Fans of the genre — and games such as Rust — will enjoy Dysterra’s survival systems, from item crafting to its intuitive base-building. However, unlike some other survival games, Dysterra eliminates those tedious barriers players of the genre often complain about. You’ll start each game with a sidearm and rifle, crucially cutting down the time it takes to engage with enemy players and AI. Your high-tech machine arm will also significantly speed up crafting and gathering resources, allowing players to focus on survival instead of time-consuming tasks. These design choices are aimed at keeping the action focused and accessible to newcomers who might be put off by some aspects of the survival genre.

Download Dysterra now (or before December 31) to receive a limited Early Access skin via Dysterra’s Steam store page and join the race for survival.

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