Riva Taylor unveils significant and enchanting multi-cultured pop album ‘Colours of Blue’

Riva Taylor unveils significant and enchanting multi-cultured pop album ‘Colours of Blue’

Riva Taylor’s highly anticipated album, “Colours of Blue”, is a vibrant mosaic of emotions and experiences, woven with soulful melodies and Latin American rhythms. This album marks a significant evolution in Taylor’s sound, blending her love for jazz, bossa nova, and world rhythms with contemporary pop elements, resulting in a collection that is both deeply introspective and irresistibly catchy.

Following her recent promotional tour in Latin America, including captivating appearances on Mexico’s national TV program “Sale el Sol” and performances at the Marvin Festival, Taylor’s connection with the genre deepened, influencing the rich tapestry of sounds found on “Colours of Blue.”




The album’s lead single, “Outside of Your Heart,” featuring British-Columbian artist Lisey Tigra, introduces a dynamic reggaeton beat infused with soothing melodies. Taylor’s mellow chorus contrasts with Tigra’s fiery Spanish language rap, creating an intriguing fusion of styles that is both refreshing and compelling.

Throughout the track, Taylor’s vocals are mesmerising, effortlessly switching between English and Spanish, enhancing the overall album’s allure and diversity. Each track resonates deeply, exploring a blend of pop, Latin, and Spanish music, with a polished production that further elevates the entire experience.

“I wanted to go back to my roots on this album and return to where it all began for me as an artist, exploring sounds that spanned the jazz and soundtrack worlds,” says Taylor. “After the pandemic, I was ready to shift my perspective as a writer, focusing less on the personal and more on the observational, reflecting on fresh relationships and places. Two years and numerous trips to Latin America later, here is ‘Colours Of Blue,’ a reflective collection of songs inspired by artistic collaboration, exotic places, and new rhythms.”

The title track, “Colours of Blue”, featuring Mexican artist Ervin River, tells the story of a romantic summer fling. Co-produced by Juan Luis Ayala and Craigie Dodds, it combines Latin pop elements with classic melodies, evoking the sea, sky, and the bittersweetness of transient love.

“Colours of Blue” is a transformative journey that offers solace, sunshine, and a touch of nostalgia. From the warmth of summer skies to the depths of emotion, Taylor beautifully captures the essence of multiple cultures, and intertwines a spectrum of feelings that lingers long after its end.