Respect Movie Review

Respect Movie Review

I remember as a young child watching the movie the Blues Brothers on WGN and remembering the diner scene. The scene where the waitress breaks out in a song and dance number of a song called Respect. I was enamored with that song and would spell it out whenever the song started in my head. I would exclaim: R-E-S-P-E-C-T that is what it means to me out loud as a child. I remember that was my first time learning about Aretha Franklin and her music. As I grew older, I heard more of her songs on the radio and from friends.

I was given the opportunity to watch this biopic of her life and career titled Respect. I wanted to learn more about Aretha and her life that I never really knew about.  The movie was beautifully done that showcased her hardships, her vices, and the history on which her music was involved with. I won’t spoil much in this review but check out this movie. You will dance, cry, and watch history unfold through the eyes of Aretha Franklin.


  • Story
    • The story goes through her early child hood where she sang at her father’s parties and had the whole party in the cup of her hand. Then, it went through different stages of her life on how she got her record deal, working with various people and more. I won’t spoil much but you will learn a lot about Aretha and how it was in the 60’s for her and her family.
  • Cast
    • Aretha was played by Jennifer Hudson who did a phenomial job as the singer. She brought her music to life with each note from the songs sang in the movie. There was a fantastic supporting cast such as Marlon Wayans, Mary J. Blige, Forest Whitaker, Marc Maron, Saycon Sengbloh and many more. Fantastic cast brought out the characters in the life of Aretha throughout the movie.
  • Music
    • You will discover music of Aretha’s that you didn’t know she sang it but have heard many times on TV and the radio. Songs like Respect, A Natural Woman, You Send Me and many more. A fantastic way to learn who create the music and how she showcased it throughout history.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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