Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Xbox One Review

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Xbox One Review

Growing up as a kid in Texas, you are known to scream HIYAH and fight invincible robots before they can do any harm before lunch time. I remember coming home from after school to watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and pretend I’m one of them. Then, I find out that there is a unique Power Ranger game available for the Xbox One! I made sure I downloaded the game and of course stretch my legs cause I’m going to be doing some high kicks in the air.

A little bit of the story from the game:

You learn that Zordon and the rest of the Power Rangers have been defeated by Lord Drakkon in an alternate universe. Then he kills the Empress herself Rita Repulsa as he is has her power and is ruler of his universe. Then he goes out to alternate timelines to defeat other Power Rangers and take their Morphers.

Then screen goes to our universe where I meet up with the pink ranger and red ranger and we do a friendly battle. Through that battle, I was able to learn moves and combos in order to defeat her. Then Green Ranger comes out and he has a friendly fight with the pink ranger and before it could finish, there was an explosion and Lord Drakkon comes out. The Green ranger was defeated and before Lord Drakkon could claim his body, another Ranger came out to attack him.

Throughout the game, various Power Rangers from different universes come together to fight and stop Lord Drakkon. You learn his true intentions on why he wants those defeated rangers, morphers and of course lay claim to different regions. You travel with various Power Rangers from different universes to stop Lord Drakkon and his team of brain washed rangers and military personnel.

Here is my review of Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid on Xbox One


  • Manga Art
    • When the video sequences start throughout the game, its not showing a “high tech video shoot”; this game is showcasing a traditional Manga comic book style art. The way the faces are utilized in the video sequences is just so intense and gratifying. I have to stand up and clap for those artists that captured that feel throughout the game using Manga.
  • Story
    • I was in shock just seeing Tommy announced as Lord Drakkon at the beginning of the game and killing Rita Repulsa while announcing he destroyed Zordon and the rest of the Power Rangers. I was like WHAT! Then going through the game and seeing how the story comes out is just brilliant. I haven’t been this invested in a game for their story in a long time. The writers have done a fantastic job showcasing this game’s story line into an arc that should be a few seasons in on Netflix.
  • The Fighting
    • The fighting in this game reminded me of an old school Capcom vs Marvel game but your battles happen through story sequences. So each battle is part of the story where you can fight the good guys as bad guys or you will have a fight where the good guys must win. Each battle is part of the story which highlights some fancy moves and adds another chapter throughout the story mode.
  • Arcade and Online
    • I enjoyed playing the Arcade mode as I was able to play the computer on different regions and places. I had a team of 3 different Rangers or characters of the game fighting random people. You sometimes need to just blow off steam and just fight random characters in the game. Then you have online mode where you can play against your friends online. This is the first fighting game that you can play across different consoles. Yes, as an Xbox One gamer, I can play against my friend on PS4 who also has the game. This will make for epic fights and of course old fashion butt whippings!


  • Limited Move set
    • The fighting styles I loved a lot in this game. You can showcase double digit combos with the right button presses. I was hoping for more move sets throughout the game for characters but I got stuck a few times trying to figure some out. I had to resort to the old school “button mashing” but it turned out well.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

You have two things in this game: Manga and Fighting! Then you involve the story arc of having nearly all Power Ranger characters together in a fight for their lives! Then yes, this game will capture my attention as I continuously try to beat these bosses throughout the game. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a fantastic game that embodies the spirit of a good story with manga infused video sequences. The battles were amazing as they were part of the story line but it did lack additional move sets for the characters. Either way, this game is a game where not only you will be fascinated by the story feature but also with the cross play online gaming.

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