Pocket Auto Catch Plus Product Review

Pocket Auto Catch Plus Product Review

Pokémon Go is one of our favorite games on our phone and tablet! When we travel to different cities, we enjoy looking for the latest Pokémon and catching them as fast as possible. There are times when we are walking around that we aren’t on our phone or tablet to find a Pokémon. We can get very busy and miss out on something huge and awesome!

Brook has a new product that will not only help you prevent missing that Pokémon  but will help you catch them in that exact moment. Pocket Auto Catch Plus is a Bluetooth connected watch that will alert you that a Pokémon is near and will help you catch it! The Pocket Auto Catch Plus strapped fit around my wrist with ease. I did charge it earlier after opening it up to make sure it had a full battery. Installing the auto catch with the strap went very smoothly.

We tried this on our Iphone 13 Pro phone and Ipad Pro tablet with our Pokémon Go apps. I was out walking around my neighborhood and was able to get a buzz. I looked down at the watch and it had a Pokémon and then I saw the Pokémon was automatically capture. I was astonished and excited to see that.

Pocket Auto Catch Plus from Brook is a product all fans of Pokémon Go should have! I know we are busy on those days of work or need to concentrate on driving. Well with the auto catch feature, this makes it much easier to capture Pokémon while literally on the Go.

Buy one here: https://www.brookaccessory.com/pocket_autocatch/index.php