Plantronics BackBeat PRO 5100 Review

In a busy coated world, where hands free electronics is sorely needed; Plantronics is showcasing a new product to help with hands free electronics. The highly touted True Wireless is sprung into action on the cover of this next product. Music and Calls can be utilized from this product hemmed by Plantronics and truly is hands free.  Here is our review of the BackBeat Pro 5100.

As a constant person that is always on the phone handling business, I need to a way to make multi tasking on multiple projects a bit easier. While handling projects, I always need to be on call to make sure everything is correct on these projects. The BackBeat Pro 5100 really does help myself out with these projects. I can make my calls, control volume and even switch around a song or two.


Opening up the box, was pretty smooth. I had to use a knife to cut the tape in order to remove the cover from the box. Once removed, I box was a bit more shiny towards myself, I believe its through the bright lights here at home.


So What items are inside the BackBeat Pro 5100? The box inside contains earbuds with microphones, ear tips with various sizes, a charging case, instructions and a usb charge cable. I had to admit seeing that small box with the ear buds and knowing they are charged in there is pretty cool. I also noticed when you replace the ear buds back in the charging case, its magnetic. This makes it pretty easy to know that you have correctly have the ear buds in to charge.

I was able to pair these ear buds with my Iphone XR phone and take a few calls. While on the call, I was able to increase and decrease the volume of the calls while on the call. I thought this was pretty amazing and easy to use. The call was clear, crisp and the other person said I sounded like a million dollars today.

As for music, I put on Spotify and listened to one of my music playlists. I was able to jam hard with some good music using these earbuds. I was able to change songs using these tap feature of the ear buds and I thought that was pretty cool.

All in all, these earbuds are what they are advertised as: “TRUE WIRELESS”. I was able to know what hands free was all about and it was good. I had a good time utilizing my phone calls and switching songs on my Spotify list. I recommend these ear buds to people that need to something to listen to some good music and truly be hands free on the phone calls.