Penultiman Issue 5 Review

Penultiman Issue 5 Review

I have to say this issue is fire right now! Just reading what is going on between Penultiman and Antepenultiman is just intense. In this issue, Penultiman revealed his alter ego to the people at his job. This is a big no-no for super heroes to do to let people know who their alter ego is. While he was trying to talk to his co-workers about why he revealed himself, Antepenultiman and Preantepenultiman came out and took Penultiman away. Antepenultiman had taken Penultiman to court to discuss his situation but Penultiman didn’t like that. He got very angry and attacked Preantepenultiman and Antepenultiman with such velocity and hatred. He was stopped short of destroying Antepenultiman and then put into a casket for 87,000 years. While he was in there, he relived some family situations with his parent and got a hug that he needed. Afterwards, Antepenultiman and Penultiman did a switch-a-roo and got into a situation that is not in favor with Penultiman’s life.

The story is getting very intense right now concerning Penultiman as now his robot is against him. I feel Antepenultiman was trying his hardest to help Penultiman but it may have been too much for it to handle. This current issue is a wild ride throughout each page showcasing an emotional Penultiman fighting for his sanity. You need to click the link below and read this series! Enjoyed this comic book series hard!

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Final issue! Penultiman’s artificial understudy, Antepenultiman, has patiently tried to repair the superhero’s self-loathing attitude—but now the android’s patience is gone! Can a sidekick force a hero to heal?

Also: bonus illustrated prose stories!

February 17, 2021