PENULTIMAN #2 Comic Book Review

PENULTIMAN #2 Comic Book Review

With Penultiman returning back to from his mission, a lot has chanted in this world. His alter ego, who he tried to keep out of public eye, was recently given a promotion. His main enemy is in jail willingly who is even trying to be a better person now. This all happened while he was gone while leaving his android in charged which is named Antepenultiman. So Penultiman is very distraught over what has gone down and feels like his android just bested him at being a super hero.

In this issue, a supermarket full of people just went crazy! There is food on the floor, people burning things and total chaos going on. Antepenultiman notices the situation while having a discussion with Penultiman, which of course makes Penultiman tell the android to stay there while he saves the day. When he got there, he notices that one of Zev Zollo’s evil ideas was being used. He then neutralized the hazardous sound but the manager of the store complained and argued with him. Penultiman was being accosted by the manager over the carnage he caused prior to stopping the sound. Afterwards, he ponders if he actually did the right thing. I liked how the superhero is pondering because many superheroes just go in and do what it takes to stop the bad situation. In this story, Penultiman is having second doubts on whether what he did was right. The story is getting good as I’m wondering what is going to happen next!

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(W) Tom Peyer

(A/C) Alan Robinson


His confidence shattered, 2020’s most magnificent superhero seeks reassurance from a strange source: his incarcerated arch-adversary, terror-scientist Zev Zollo! PLUS: text features and short prose fiction, illustrated to the ultimate!

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November 11, 2020