O’Whitty’s “A Lot For A Little” Track Review

O’Whitty’s “A Lot For A Little” Track Review

At first glance of O’Whitty’s “A Lot For A Little”, I was surprised by how I legitimately felt like I had just went back in time. The Kansas City rapper’s “whisper-esque flow” sounds like a shot from 2007, back when whispering verses deemed itself a hit-making trend. We all witnessed the likes of David Banner and the Ying Yang Twins, among others, test the style, and were also exposed to artists who zoned their primary sound around such-flow with artists like Yung LA and Shawty Lo. On the horizon of an era where we may possibly see the revitalization of whisper-rap, with the help of underground rappers like Goonew, O’Whitty is flexing a formula that is indeed working well in his favor.


During my first listen of the track, I wasn’t amazed or in awe, but after a few consecutive listens and an entire day without another, I found myself mumbling the hook in the midst of completing everyday tasks like homework or my laundry. The track had finally caught up to me and I had realized that this was better than I initially had thought. For those deciding to give a listen, have an open mind because if you hear correctly, you should find a track that feels as if it would serve as a great interlude to any already-established artist’s album. I’m new to O’Whitty and am now curious to see what else he’s offering in his catalog, and if any of his future prospects actually bear major fruit.


Other work that I may dive into reflects the output of this track, it shouldn’t be hard to enjoy it as a whole. O’Whitty’s “A Lot For A Little” sounds like an artist who seems to enjoy the zone that he’s in at the moment. It wouldn’t hurt to master and engineer the track to a higher level, but overall the catchy and mood-grooming tone of the song in its entirety is enough to distract you from most technical issues. Sharpen the delivery a bit more and focus on this specific pocket and unique sound and O’Whitty is sitting on a style that can work in his favor and quite possibly elevate him to anywhere he’d want to be.

Written by, Benito Davila

Benito Davila, A.K.A., Primetime Benny D, is a full-time film student at The University of Texas at Austin and the lead music reviewer for Drop The Spotlight. Primetime Benny D is a creator, actor, director, producer, writer, editor, curator, designer, innovator, filmmaker, and star.

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